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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Cause Extended Discomfort

I love my bike. My sister Amy gave her to me almost two years ago. I named her Louise. She's yellow and black like a hornet and flies like one, too.

Since we've been together,  Louise and I have been through a 54-miler (Little Red Riding Hood ride — in 2009, when I was 4 months preggo with Jane), two sprint tri's last year (I did XTERRA, my third tri of the season, on my brother-in-law's mountain bike. I think Louise was jealous.), and a 42-miler two weekends ago (Goldilocks  ride). I'm pretty sure we've done more than 200 hundred miles over the past two years. But, I can't imagine doing a century with her all in one, er, sitting. At that point, I don't think Louise and I would be on speaking terms.
Before the Goldilocks ride began. We're smiling because our butts are not yet sore. (from left to right): Emily Hill, me, Camille Langston, Sari Olschewski

I was reminded of how much my lady parts don't like being glued to Louise's teeny little bike seat for more than 40 miles at once after I recovered from the Goldilocks ride. I know of women who can last for longer than that, though, and I'm in awe of them. How do they do 80-mile and 100-mile rides? Do they wear three to four pairs of bike shorts? I haven't notice excessive padding on these women. In fact, most of them are stick thin, which means they have bony butts. Ouch.

I would sob if I had to do more than 28 miles without a much needed, drawn out crotch break (which is what I've decided to call the rest stops on these long rides). So, what gives? If you've done more than a 50 mile ride at once, let me know the secret. If it involves getting a different bike, I won't tell Louise.


  1. I'm hurting just thinking about riding that long on a skinny bike seat, yikes! I'm curious to know what other people have learned.

    By the way, Louise was my lime-green purse's name. I carried her with me all throughout my senior year of high school. If that purse could talk...geez! :)

  2. I think it's all in the seat. I'm on the lookout for a nicer one. Hoping eBay will have one for me! (And I foresee more rides in our future, so we better toughen up those lady parts!)

  3. Seriously, I barely made it through the 22 miles! But I do have a thick gel seat cover, bike shorts and natural padding in the back so that my lady bits were well padded. ;o)

  4. It is all in the seat sister. You can get a new seat and save your sweet Louise to ride into the sunset! The Terry Butterfly seat was recommended to me by a lady who trained and rode the Lotoja and also did an Ironman. I stand by that seat baby. Much to my crotch's relief.

  5. My sister has one of those butterfly seats. saved her on her mish when she was riding (in a skirt!) 18-20 miles every day.

  6. Have you heard of Skirt Sports? Super cute biker shorts the founder spoke at Westminster a few weeks ago


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