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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Relax, They're Only Words

Last month, I announced a job change. That post has been my biggest source of traffic to my blog to date. Here's why: Many people from my former employer's company have read it and talked about it. I guess my word choice to describe the size of the company vexed some people.

To clarify, the company I worked for had/has problems that are inherent with a large company. I mentioned that in my original post. Any large company has problems. This shouldn't come as an astonishing revelation. Everyone who works at a large corporation knows about the problems within the company and are often afraid to talk about the fact that they exist.  If you read anything on how to make your place of employment better, you will surely come across at least one mention of open discussion on how to improve. Getting caught up in someone's word choice is counter productive. If a company is to progress, listening and learning from their employees is a great place to start.

Here's the truth: I enjoyed my job immensely. I really loved writing, creating, networking, and everything else I did while employed by the unnamed large company. I worked for a terrific boss, with stellar people in my department, and with an engaged audience. There were many at the company who supported my success. I just chose to move on.  That's it.

Since my word to describe the largeness of the company didn't suit so many, here are some others that might work better:


These words are only words and they're not meant to injure. They're meant to illustrate. Relax.


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