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Friday, October 22, 2010

Date night: Thai'd down?

If you've ever watched Date Night you know that a lot of couples slip into a routine when it comes to going out. The same restaurant. The same conversation. Blah. Do something out of the norm and voila your humdrum life becomes exciting and different. At least in the movies. Sometimes you just have to test it out. That's just what we did.

Carl and I usually go out on Saturday nights. That's our date night. This week, we shook things up by going out on a Thursday (a school night!) to celebrate our anniversary. I won and we went out for Thai. Scandalous.

We strolled up to the Thaifoon Restaurtant at the Gateway like a couple of newlyweds...holding hands.

Upon entering we were promptly seated at the water wall. The sound of water falling is like some sort of panacea for me. Bring on the food!

Our waitress, Brittany was gorgeous. Carl was too busy looking over the menu and I was too zen with that waterwall to care if he took a second look. We ordered edamame and the Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll to knosh on while we contemplated our entrees. Normally, I'm crazy about edamame, but I was too into those rolls to pay much heed to my soy favorite. With their crunchy exterior and smooth interior of spicy tuna, I was in heaven.

Then, Brittany surprised us with non-alcoholic cocktails called (no joke) Ta-Ta Tini's - a blend of watermelon, berries, and fresh mint in soda water. Thaifoon donates proceeds from their "Save 2nd Base" menu, of which the Ta-Ta Tini is from, to breast cancer research. 

Carl, being generous in his concern for breasts, ordered the Surf 'n Turf from the "Save 2nd Base" menu. Feeling feisty, I ordered the Evil Jungle Princess Beef. The beef was filet mignon for both dishes. If you're a lover of red meat, you'd appreciate that we barely spoke through mouthfuls of that succulent sustenance. To make it even better, the tunes they played there were totally righteous. Carl ate Jasmine rice while Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft gently played in the background.  Sweet.

After stuffing as much of that tasty food into our bellies, we squeezed in dessert. 
Sugar (and plenty of it) for Carl with the Chocolate Volcano (it's under a mountain of ice cream).
Since I don't eat sugar, they whipped up a bunch of fruit for me.
All in all we had a great night, even if we didn't see Mark Wahlberg or have our life threatened. The food was delicious and the people there were genuine and fun. 
Plus, they comped the whole thing! Want to have a free night out at Thaifoon, too? Go to their Facebook page, "like" them and post your favorite entree from Thaifoon to their wall. You could win a $50 gift card to Thaifoon and inject a bit of fun into your date night. No more boring nights.

Thanks Thaifoon!


  1. We haven't been there since our honeymoon. This post makes me want to go back. Everything on their menu is delish!

  2. You two were a blast! Thanks again for coming in. :) I'll post your blog entry on my blog, twitter, and facebook to help promote the giveaway. Is there a deadline for "liking" Thaifoon on facebook and posting a favorite dish?


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