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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Summer Salad

Salads make me happy. All that freshness! Yum. 

This is  one of my recent favorites. The dressing recipe is from my friend (and my doula!), Melissa Chappell, Raw Melissa. Her cookbook, Faves: Fruits and Veggies, Nature's Energy's Secret is my favorite recipe book. I have made nearly every recipe in it and they are all exceptional — and simple! That girl and her book changed my life. No joke.

Here's my latest fave, inspired from her book. Try it! I can bet you'll have a smile on your face when you're done devouring it (and licking the bowl when you're finished).

red leaf lettuce
red bell pepper
zucchini (or English cucumber)

1 lemon
olive oil

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