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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Food, continued

Today I guest blogged at my friend Evonne Sell's blog all about baby food. I don't think moms should waste their money on opening a jar for their babies. There are so many reasons to make your own baby food. I'm not interested in feeding my baby something out of a can/jar/box because:
  1. It's prepackaged and therefore, not fresh.
  2. Have you tasted the stuff?
  3. There are no spices.
  4. Soon enough, your kids will be complaining about your cooking and you'll be tempted to take off a la Nacho Libre to find a better "duty," so you might as well give your baby healthy foods they enjoy.


  1. lol! i love the video clip. I am so glad I saw this post. Em is almost ready to start solids and i have no desire to buy jars of baby food. Making my way over to your guest post next!

  2. I love the clip, never seen the movie. =)


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